Not turned on by Management Theory Books?

I admit I sometimes overdose on management and leadership theory- and an even more depressing confession is that I seldom enjoy reading it! 

But… trawling through my shelves today I was reminded of an old favourite that, yet again, I needed to immediately read cover to cover. How refreshing it was- although 20 years old it’s just as pertinent and challenging- perhaps more so in today’s economic climate. Don’t be put off that it’s written from a manufacturers perspective- it applies brilliantly to every sector. This is a must for every business owner and manager who wants to lead and manage instead of doing it themselves.

What is it?

Zapp!  The Lightning of Empowerment (William C Byham).

Go search on Amazon, or ask me and I’ll lend you my copy.

This is a joy to read- short, lighthearted, and inspirational. Just what small business owners should be reading at bedtime.


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