New Govt Business Support Creeping In

At last we’re beginning to see some of the government’s new business support programmes emerging. The Business Coaching for Growth (BCG) and Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) programmes are now “live”, and both adopting a common model for engaging small-medium sized businesses. As expected, there is a common theme of focussing help on “high growth” businesss (and rightly so!).

Both programmes provide an independent diagnosis/ assessment, which serves to demonstrate that a business does indeed have growth potential, and pinpoints the areas that support would be best invested in. Clients then have a choice of coaches and consultants they can use to develop the skills and effectiveness of their leaders, managers and teams (PHMC is registered on both schemes), and expert support is subsidised by a grant paid directly to the applicant business.

We watch with interest as the new programmes roll out, soon to be followed by a revised Leadership & Management Advisory Service. I’m encouraged that words like “simple” “effective” and “fast” are used by the people managing these programmes!


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