Mind the Gap!

CIPD publish a curious survey that has – deep inside- some eyebrow-raising data about the effectiveness of managers- or rather, managers’ perception of their own performance. If you’re a business leader or professional manager it should prompt the question “who’s kidding who?”

Based on results of CIPD Employee Outlook Survey, Spring 2012

Chart showing gap between how well managers think they do, and what their staff say.

The “Employee Outlook” survey is well worth a read.  As well as revealing some interesting differences between private and public sector, small and large firms and so on, it also highlights how big the gap is between the way managers say they manage their people, and the experience of their staff. For instance, 91% of managers said they coach their teams to get the best out of them, but only 40% of employees said that was the case. 92% of managers said they give at least some performance feedback to staff, but only 64% of staff agreed.

So why is there such a reality gap? Well, maybe some managers feel they have to exaggerate how good they are, or perhaps, as CIPD concludes, they don’t know how bad they are. Maybe employees just have an axe to grind.

Whatever! If you’re serious about management you should be wondering if there’s a reality gap in your management team. Wouldn’t it be a good time to reflect? Take a look at PHMC’s Mind the Gap service, specially designed for smaller firms.


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