If Carlsberg did Grants (Beware the Grant Raisers!)

Carlsberg don’t do business grants or loans, but if they did, this is how it would be: They’d give you a call, ask if you fancy some free funding, wait a few days then let you know a big interest-free loan is all yours, no paperwork needed, no need to worry about what purpose it’s for. Just pay them a fee of £500 (and no messy VAT involved), and 24 hours later they deposit £40k in your account. Just pay it back if you can, when you can. Could it really be possible that someone else could do this, in REAL LIFE? Well, check this out…

A long-standing client of mine came across a very similar offer recently. He isn’t a newcomer to business, he’s been a business owner for over 20 years and has accessed a number of funding schemes. But even this seasoned businessman was tempted by the offer.

In the course of searching for funding, he found an organisation calling itself GRANT RAISERS,  and they offered to source funding for his business. How kind. A couple of email exchanges and a phone call was all that was needed, and guess what- he was told that £40,000 had been pre-approved as an interest-free loan, and would be his if only he could pay them a £500 fee.

An invoice arrived- but before paying he did a little online research, prompted because payment was requested to be made to a personal bank account in Thailand, but don’t worry, that’s just “so the Director could sign for it”! Oh dear, now it was sounding too good to be true- and not quite how Carlsberg would do it.

Well guess what he found- The Guardian newspaper had already exposed this as a fraud. See this article (it’s genuine). The scammers had created a very convincing but fraudulent web page, looking like a page of The Guardian’s own website, this endorsed the scheme, persuading needy or greedy business owners to go ahead without worry. Must be OK if The Guardian has checked them out, right?


(oh, in case you’re wondering, of course my client didn’t pay the fee, but he did share his discovery with me)

And who is “Grant Raisers”?- it’s
http://www.grantraisers.co.uk (don’t go there!!)


One thought on “If Carlsberg did Grants (Beware the Grant Raisers!)

  1. Probably the best blog I have ever read! Thanks for the heads up. it is all too easy to get distracted when you are busy at this time of year. Watch out for the fake advertising scams doing the rounds again


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